A teal pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and the outdoor decorations are slowly appearing.
Ghosts, witches and pumpkins are in the spotlight!

Children are excitedly planning their costumes and families are shopping for treats to give away on this colorful night. For most people, Halloween is a fun holiday and just imagining going door to door with friends to collect candy is exciting.

Unfortunately, for other families, this is a time that can easily turn into a headache. A festive moment with a stressful background.

Children with severe allergies unfortunately cannot eat the majority of candies distributed.

For a few years now, a GREAT movement from the United States has been allowing allergic children to knock on doors where they will be offered safe surprises. Doors where their difference will allow them to be included. Stress free. 

Turquoise pumpkin houses! Do you know them?
They are the ones my son is hoping to see on his route again this year. The concept is quite simple and really easy to implement, even for a family without allergies.

Here are the instructions on how to join the movement and make a difference:

  1. Show your support by painting a turquoise pumpkin or putting a sign on your door.
  2. Ask children who come to your door if they have any food allergies.
  3. Give them safe surprises.
  4. Watching their eyes sparkle.
  5. Be successful with their parents.
  6. Be happy.

Ok, but... Non-food... What does it look like?
Here are some perfect ideas we were lucky enough to collect last year :

      • Small Halloween Erasers
      • Glow sticks
      • Small notebooks
      • Halloween pencils
      • Spider Rings
      • Bouncing balls
      • Stickers
      • Small cars

          And why not PiCO temporary tattoos


Simple, easy to find ideas that are sure to be a hit!

If you want to join the movement or learn more about the turquoise pumpkin here is the link: https://www.foodallergy.org/education-awareness/teal-pumpkin-project

affiche téléchargeable citrouille turquoise - teal pumkin download poster
PiCO also offers you a small poster to download to show your colors.
Download poster here.

On behalf of all those allergic little monsters and witches and their families, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Catherine Chartrand
Mother of children with food allergies
and owner of the Chasseurs de Monstres / Monsters Hunters.