Cleanliness; a roller coaster ride!

It's true, we often have to arm ourselves with laundry soap, rags and patience when potty training...! The idea of the colored panties is to differentiate peeing in the potty from other rewards. Because sometimes, having a tattoo without having been to the toilet can be nice too but for the child, it becomes a bit confusing. The tattoo then becomes a concrete trophy for your growing child! 

Potty training can be a roller coaster ride. Sometimes your child may show interest that fades. Encourage him, but don't push him too hard because this stage often comes at the same time as the terrible twos stage and your child may start to sulk about potty training. You need to become a moderate potty training leader!

Choosing a potty

It's important to choose a potty that is adapted to your child's needs. Some children like to do as the big boys do and prefer seats that fit on the big toilet, while others are afraid and prefer floor potties. Is your child big enough to climb on the toilet? You can add a small bench to help him climb quickly. A little advice, drag a potty everywhere, in the car, in the stroller because when it's time, it's time!

A small spray bottle

Drag a small spray bottle with water so you can give him a tattoo anywhere to encourage him. You can find them in the travel section of big box stores. Little ones live in the moment, so have your cleanliness nannies with you at all times!

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