Pencil Crayons for All Tastes

We’ve recently launched a range of crayons and arts and crafts items on our website. We went through a rigorous selection process for you, and we’re here to underline our favourites. They’re perfect for a small gift or reward... and they’re not just for kids.

Our favourite: the Stabilo Woody
The Stabilo woody crayons are bold, versatile pencil crayons with large tips. You can use them on glass, paper, and dark paper. Plus, they’re aquarellable and non-breakable. You can use them as oil pastels, over a drawing or even a painting. We have several sets in different colours, and even single colours to complete your collection.

Woody pastel colors
Woody regular colors
Woody dual-colors
Woody individuals


Another essential: the STABILOaquacolor
The STABILOaquacolor pencils are watercoloUr wood pencil crayons. If you invest in a box of these beauties, they’ll last a long time if you take good care of them. They produce watercolour-style colouring quickly and without the need for great technique. For children, they’re perfect for a different but quick colouring experience. Use a paintbrush with water after you’ve made your drawing and watch the magic happen. Our little secret for WOW colouring in just minutes. You can get a 12 or 24-pack from us. And, just saying, you can also buy these for yourself ;)
Aquacolor - 12 colors
Aquacolor - 24 colors


rayons Stabilo Powermax, distribués par PiCO

Stabilo POWER MAX felt tip pen
A family favourite! Their secret: they won’t dry out, even if left open for days (in fact, for up to 8 weeks!). The tip is extra thick, so they’re perfect for kids. They’re great for back-to-school, too.
Pencils PowerMax 12 colors


Crayons Maqgiques de Maped, distribués par PiCO

A touch of nostalgia: Maped magic felt pens
We love these magic crayons because they remind us of our childhood. The box comes with 8 medium felt tip pens, and 2 magic crayons. The concept is simple: use the magic crayons to trace over your drawing, and the colours change, as if by magic! Perfect for creating beautiful textures in your drawings.
Magic pencils

 Crayons feutres duo-étampe de Maped, distribués par PiCO

Maped’s duo stamp pens
Another childhood throwback, but also an ever-popular model with children (and adults). Use the large tip for colouring, and decorate with the stamper tips to add patterns and designs.
Stamping pencils


Crayons feutres deux pointes Maped duo-color distribués par PiCO

Best for on the go: the duo-colours marker
Yes indeed, they’re great for travel! 10 markers, but 20 colours. The crayon tip is medium, with vibrant and varied colours.
Duo-color felt-tips pencils 


Crayons innovation de Maped, distribués par PiCO

Maped’s surprising Innovation crayons
These new Innovation crayons are nothing like the pencil crayons we know. They’re basically pencil leads, without an envelope. Their shape allows you to use the fine tip for detailing, and the flatter tip for larger areas. Plus, there’s no need to sharpen them; they self-sharpen while you use them. They’re affordable and offer a different drawing experience.
Innovation pencils

 Crayons de plastique

New and fantastic: Maped’s plastic crayons
We love these plastic crayons! They look like wax crayons, without the stickiness! You can use the fine tip for detailing and the rounded tip for larger areas to colour. What’s more, they’re perfect for little hands. We offer them in boxes of 12 and 24 vibrant colours.
Plastic pencils - 12 colors
Plastic pencils - 24 colors


 Crayons de bois Maped distribués par PiCO

Maped wood pencil crayons
At the moment, we offer 2 different boxes. Our pastel wood pencil crayons for beautiful light drawings. We also have a box of duo pencil crayons, so 12 pencil crayons, but 24 colours. This option is great for on the road. The wood pencil crayons have a triangular shape, which prevents them from rolling around on the ground... We love that! Plus, they’re really affordable.
Pastel Wood pencils
Duo-coloring wood pencils

That sums up the information on our different crayons to pair with our giant colouring posters, and for all your creative projects.